Dobrich Municipality is located in the lands of southern Dobrudja around the town of Dobrich. The municipalities it borders are: Dobrich, Balchik and General Toshevo, Tervel, Krushari, Aksakovo and Valchi Dol. Its administrative-territorial structure is unconventional given the fact that there is no administrative center.

The territory of the municipality is 1298 sq. Km and is divided by purpose into:

  • agricultural - 1025217 decares
  • forest - 195028 decares
  • settlements - 65384 decares
  • water terrains - 4370 decares
  • territories for minerals -1614 decares
  • transport and infrastructure - 7227 decares

The terrain in which the municipality of Dobrich falls is part of the Danube hilly plain and is characterized by flat and smooth hills, shallow and wide valleys with sloping slopes, cut by the valley of the river Suha.

The prevailing climate in the municipality is moderately continental, characterized by cold winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature is 10.2 degrees. The amount of precipitation during the year is relatively small - 571 l / sq.m.

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